The Mundum® Universe leverages the power of Metaverse technology on its platform to create a Shopping World. Metaverse represents a new generation of immersive technologies that combine multiple elements. According to the Gartner Group, a technology "Think Tank", Metaverse integrates various elements to drive innovation in social networking, e-commerce, and other online activities. This is operated by MSD Technology LLC..


The Mundum® Universe community offers staking through a DeFi mechanism on its platform via MSD Technology LLC., to generate passive income. The DeFi system facilitates returns through staking. This staking mechanism provides earnings both for the community and for the chosen charity organization. From the returned earnings, 10% will be donated to the selected charity. This process will be described in more detail later..

About us

At MSD Technology LLC,

we specialize in crafting custom staking platform solutions for an array of token types, supporting the operation and marketing needs of these platforms. Our technology empowers businesses to deliver individualized staking solutions or to opt for our robust approval-based options. Moreover, our systems are adept at integrating with diverse business models and sectors, enabling a seamless synergy with your existing activities. Our foremost clients include the Mundum-Universe, with their pioneering “Charity Staking” project, as well as various esteemed international Blockchain & AI firms. With MSD Technology LLC, you gain a partner who understands the intricacies of staking platforms, ensuring your venture is as limitless as the technology we wield.

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